What to Expect

Before the inspection

I will carefully review the seller’s property disclosure statement, which discloses flaws that could have a negative effect on the value of the home.

During the inspection

A standard home inspection is limited to a visual inspection of the home’s  components and integral systems. In other words it is non- invasive, meaning Inspectors do not open walls or ceilings, use invasive tools or move building contents and belongings. Problems that cannot be observed during the property walk-through are not within the scope of a standard home inspection.

If you and your agent would like to be present for the inspection (not required, but highly recommended), please block off 2-3 hours. Being there during the inspection allows you to learn more about the home, see problems for yourself, and ask questions.

After the inspection

As your inspector, it’s my responsibility to:

  • Identify observable problems and deficiencies with the house
  • Suggest required repairs and fixes
  • Estimate how much repairs might cost where/if  applicable

You will receive a detailed, written report. This will generally include relevant photos that will provide details about any problems with the property that have been discovered. You and your agent will use this inspection report to ask the seller to make the necessary repairs.

After going over the report with your agent, if you have any questions at all or need clarification, all you need to do is ask. I am committed to make sure you have all the information you need so you can move forward and make decisions with peace of mind.

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